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Wellness Recovery Program

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"Food, Mood & You"
is a 2-Month
Nutritional Therapy,
Mental Wellness & Healing Program for the recovery of your health and vitality

During this program you will

Marble Surface


learn amazing new things about yourself and start to understand the language of your body

Marble Surface


see food in a whole new light and lose the confusion about what is ‘healthy’

Marble Surface


feel more energy for the day and more calm for coping with whatever the day brings you.

By the time you complete this program you will


have a budding new relationship with food and your body


feel a sense of power over your mental health and understand it's  

interconnectedness to your physical health


understand what healthy personal boundaries look like and how to start honoring your own

Your life and your story is
unlike anyone else’s.
This program will give you a compassionate bird’s eye view of yourself and your journey that you have never seen before. When we stop blaming ourselves and stop feeling confused about how to feel better, we move into a place of motivation and
gain energy to heal.

If you'd like to discuss this program with Sonia,
you can book a complimentary call
with her by sending a message
or keep scrolling for more details

Sonia has a unique knowledge that brings to people's suffering in a way that gives them choice

Paul Penner, CCP, Pembina Counselling Centre

Marble Surface

The Details

In this program Sonia will help you explore and understand how you got to where you are in an empathetic way. Taking her 15 years as a Nutritional Therapist, Sonia will have you feeling better within a couple of weeks, which will give you hope and ambition to keep going. The second phase of the program is focused on mental wellness education and tools, and lifestyle integration.

This 8 week program w/ in-between support, is $995 all inclusive +gst.

(In between support means if you need an extra call or two in between sessions, or some tailoring to sessions is needed, it is all included, no extra charges.)

A 25% deposit is required before the first session.

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This 8-week program is a total six 1:1 appointments.

They are designed to dig deep in the beginning to help you access the power of your own story and then they transition into strategy and learning mode. Implementation and integration follows. Check-ins along the way are for encouragement, to help you out with obstacles and bad days and to cheer you on when it is a good day.


Week 1

Initial Assessment & Early Recommendations (2 hrs)

Week 2

Strategy & Resources (45-60 min)

Week 3

Check & Adjust (30 min)

Week 4

Phone Call Check-in (15-20 min)

Week 5

Just a chat, break from program, where are you at kind of thing

Week 6

Virtual or in person Follow up (30-45 min)

Week 7

In person session on nervous system regulation and coping strategies

Week 8

Follow up, longer-term strategy creation, referrals as needed (30-45 min)

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