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Sonia Funk

Wellness & Culture, Evolved





"Sonia's presentation skills were effortless, warm and inviting, a tone that's particularly important regarding a topic in which some people can feel judged or attacked. The originality of Sonia's presentation was engaging, and I'd imagine that almost everyone left the Zoom call with a fresh perspective and a relaxed energy."

Annie Gough

Small Giants Community

Sonia's Signature Offerings


"Sonia is as real and genuine as they come. She really impacted my team - one team member described the sessions as the best and most real wellness experience she has had in her 20+ year career.

Sonia's practical tips, experience-based story telling and science-based approach, are all really helpful in taking a step forward on your personal wellness journey.

I'd recommend Sonia to facilitate your next wellness session"
Seth Anderson
Director CCT
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“Sonia has a unique knowledge which she is able to bring to people’s suffering in a way that gives them choice”

- Paul Penner, M.A. Counselling, CCS, PACCP Executive Director Pembina Counselling Centre

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