Executive Coaching

For leaders of teams, of all shapes & sizes.

If you are overwhelmed with your ever evolving job description (as you seem to now also be a counsellor, a psychologist & coach, tasked with solving the complexity of the human race,) and it's making you tired (and maybe sick,) then this is program is for you.


For Women

If you can feel that somewhere inside your story, is the answer to why you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you want help unlocking it and healing, then this is the program for you.

Executive &

Watching the River

You need support on the physical, emotional and mental level.


This 3 month program will help you gain a solid sense of control over your own wellbeing

How it works.

Your first coaching appointment is 2 hours. Sonia will walk you through your story and current pressures, to get all the information that she needs to put together a wellness strategy for you. No two strategies are ever the same. She then integrates your individual strategy into her coaching program

Once you feel confident in her strategy for you, you will begin meeting weekly for an hour. Your work with Sonia will be a fusion of her nutritional therapy background, unique wellness insights and stress management strategies gathered from her international experience. You will also explore archetypes & mental models  operating in your life, how they may be sabotaging you and a shift in mindset that can change everything. 

By the end of this program you will

*have a friendlier relationship with food

*have more energy in the morning 

*better stamina during the day 

*naturally have more patience and calm

*understand your body's language

*see yourself differently

*see everyone around you differently

Our relationship with our world starts with our relationship with ourselves and the body we live in. When that shifts, so does everything else. This is especially important for leaders right now. Sonia will even show you how your new insights into your own life can help you inform strategies for DEI in your company, and all the other issues you are navigating in your work right now.

Nutritional Therapy



Timeline investigation

Food Dynamics



“Sonia has a unique knowledge which she is able to bring to people’s suffering in a way that gives them choice.”

- Paul Penner, M.A. Counselling, CCS, PACCP, Executive Director Pembina Counselling Centre

Details on the program

FAQS & Pricing

Nervous System


Wellness Coaching

12 Week Program

Spring Fashion

Your story is unlike anyone else's. Sonia will walk you through your story in away no one ever has. And inside of it, she will find the landmarks of explanation that you are looking for.

Using a combination of nutritional therapy, body healing recommendations, life coaching, trauma aware strategies, nervous system regulating breath-work and mindfulness, Sonia will gently guide you back to where your boundaries are, where you self-love hides, back into a state of calm and of wellness. Once you are feeling better, she will guide you to the paths that can lead to the rest of the healing you are looking for. By the end of this program you will have a renewed sense of self, more energy during the day, better sleep at night, less aches and pains, your body will feel more comfortable, you will have a sense of control over your own wellbeing that you did not have before.

About the program:

FAQs and Fees

"When I told my
Endocrinologist about
Sonia's strategy for me,
she said "That Avocado
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-P. McNeill