Sonia is an international wellness analyst and strategist, nutritional therapist, speaker and writer. She has lived and worked in 4 countries with all manor of cultures and demographics. The doctors, health practitioners, therapists, counsellors, varied businesses and clinic settings that she has worked with, have given her a broad and in-depth perspective on wellness for the individual, the family, the community and how it all translates into the workplace.

Some of her past and present clients include Fillmore Riley LLP, Fresh Hemp, Decor Cabinets, DL Seeds and Red River Co-op. Sonia's was the keynote at Morden's Mental Health week in 2019, she presented on Brain Health and Nutritional Psychiatry at Manitoba Safety Services Conference in 2020 and she has unique partnership with her local Winkler-Morden Co-op. That partnership has included many videos that she has done with them, on our homepage, recipe creations and some of their 'easy cookin' meals have her nutritional stamp of approval.

"Sonia’s passion for health and wellness is truly inspiring. 

At Decor we’ve had the privilege of working with Sonia for a few different events.              

She has led some smaller workshops with specific departments, giving us tools to help reduce stress in the work environment and helping us understand our interactions with coworkers. We were also fortunate to have her as a guest speaker at our Disrupt Conference with dealers and designers from across the US and Canada. The sessions focused on how stress and anxiety impact all areas of our health and how to deal with it in a productive way.

She is an accomplished speaker, confidently sharing her knowledge and expertise gained working around the world. We would highly recommend Sonia to any company looking for effective employee wellness strategies and targeted wellness events."

~Decor Cabinets


no such thing

as healthy food



There's no such thing as healthy food.


The story of what has happened to our food supply matters more in understanding our health today than anything else. This story, when told properly, contains a collective answer for how and why we have become so sick and tired.

Highlights of this foundational seminar:

  • With some help from Sonia the audience will reconstruct the “race up super food mountain” to prove to themselves that there is no such thing as “healthy food.” Something is either food, or it’s not – this makes navigating nutrition much easier.

  • Sonia will lift the veil of marketing and ‘nutrition’ studies.

  • The direct impact and consequences that the story of our food supply has had on our collective and personal health.

  • Some of the health issues discussed in this in context include fatigue, blood sugar & digestive issues and cholesterol.

Sonia on "Mental Health"

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It's not your fault


We are all surrounded by triggers, instigators and compounders of stress, anxiety and depression in our daily lives. They are everywhere. They are in the news, on our dinner plates, in our morning mugs, in our homes, at school, on the road, at work, in our email. Some of the most powerful ones shine out to us from our phones and are hidden within our own digestive tract and immune system. They lurk behind hormonal imbalances in our bodies. They hide between dysfunctional relationships. The can be camouflaged by “positive thinking” that is based in avoidance – but they can also be magnified by “negative thinking” that is not constructive.

Due to our personal histories, our genes and our environment, some of us are more susceptible to the heavy load that all of these factors place on our minds and our bodies carry every day. The factors Sonia sheds light on in this keynote are stress, food, our microbiome, social media & phones and relationships. In true Sonia style, she does it in a way that leaves you with the most incredible relief: That"it's not your fault" And that you can actually do something about it.

Keynote Morden Mental Health Week 2019

Photo courtesy of L. Stelmach

The Winkler-Morden Voice

It's not your Fault

Mental Health


Accidents of Adaptation

With Sonia

It was Hans Selye, a well known MD and researcher that coined the term 'Stress.' He is the father of "General Adaptation Syndrome" or "Diseases of Adaptation" which all speaks to the physical impact of stress on the body, particularly our nervous system and immune system - which potently alter our brain and neurotransmitters. 


This seminar focuses on understanding how the stress response, in the context of a taxed nervous system, (which is most of us by now,) poorly regulated blood sugar (sugar and coffee anyone?) fluctuating blood pressure (adrenaline and cortisol from being in 'fight or flight') and a digestive system that is upset by these things (thereby sending unhelpful information to the brain via the gut/brain axis), can set a person up for poor decisions and accidents.


See where we are going here?


All it takes is something not going great in their personal lives to be the straw that breaks it all apart. In a day and age when your employees are going to be working for you longer than you ever meant for them to, and with more health conditions than we have ever seen before... well, at this point, prevention becomes an intervention.

Educating employees on how this acts out in their daily lives can do more saving than a hardhat ever could. Empowering people with the knowledge of cause and effect that is not skewed by an agenda is crucial, and, to be frank, Sonia and her team are a bit beside themselves that this is not a hot topic in the Health and Safety World yet...

IBS and your Bottom Line

With Sonia & Dr. Andrew Bryk, ND

Along the same lines of 'Accidents of Adaptation' This is another topic not properly understood by HR and H&S. It is estimated that 25% of Canadians are affected by IBS. What most employers do not understand is how severely this condition affects the quality of their employees life, that this condition is why they are often late or have to leave early, or that it's why they don't engage in the company culture as much. 50% of the time there is a correlation to Anxiety. When anxiety medication costs go up, you can bet your bottom line that the IBS and other gastro medications will soon follow.

In this seminar Sonia and Andrew discuss

  1. The prevalence of this issue and true costs

  2. The basic physiology behind it (the gut/brain axis)

  3. The connection to anxiety and lifestyle and choices your employees make, that cost you money.

AND. Then they they will talk with you about how to figure out a way to do something about it for real.

More on Accidents of Adaptation...

In order to maximize the impact of her sessions, Sonia brings together all the key decision makers in your company.


The session proceeds in 3 key stages:


  1. A unique actuarial explanation and analysis of the timelines operating in your company. Sonia cross-references this analysis with your benefit usage, absenteeism and stress leave. 

  2. Sonia then tells you how much more these timelines will cost you in 5-10 years if you do not intervene, and explains why. 

  3. In coordination with you and your team, Sonia develops a strategy which will work with the current needs and priorities of your company. 


Sonia’s approach is unlike anything currently out there. A global perspective combined with multi-career experience in business makes her perspective on wellness speak to the needs of CEOs, GMs and owners. She gets it. She also knows which strategies work — and which ones are a waste of time and resources. Her engagement with the key decision makers in your company ensures that her insights and strategies will get the kinds of results that sync up with your bottom line. 

To see the PDF with more details on this dynamic and revelatory session click here

Timeline Analysis and Strategy


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