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Upcoming Events

  • Selfie with Daughter comes to Canada
    Sat, Feb 18
    Official Launch Event
  • Culture & Wellness: back to the way it never was
    Tue, Dec 13
    #culture #wellness #mentalhealth #psychologicalsafety #diversityandinclusion #equality #esg #emotionalintelligence #bias #stigma #mattering #belonging #dei (insert brain exploding emoji here) Is there an easier way? Is it hard because we missed something along the way...?
  • Burnout: The Fire is Real
    Mon, Jun 20
    "New research shows that more than one-third of all working Canadians are feeling burned out" Canada Life, 2022. But what does that mean? And what can we do about it?
  • Corporate Wellness Strategy - Top Three Essentials for 2022
    Mon, Dec 13
    The three things your people need for wellness recovery more than anything else.
  • No such thing as healthy food
    Sat, Apr 10
    A nutrition and baking class all in one. All the best insights from 'There's no such thing as healthy food' AND all my best baking tips, for keeping it real.
  • SurThrival of the Fittest
    Wed, Feb 03
    Private Event for members of both Morden & Winkler Chamber of Commerce
  • It's not your fault (Private Event)
    Thu, Jan 28
    This is a private, sponsored event, for clients of SV Benefits
  • SurTHRIVal of the Fittest
    Sat, Dec 05
    Join Sonia and Sylvia for a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine and delve into all the stressful everything right now.
  • A Woman's Timeline - Part 2 & 3
    Sun, Jun 07
    (PART 1 is a pre-requisit for this weekend) Our personal stories are like footprints on a path sprinkled with breadcrumbs of moments, events and decisions. When we know what we are looking for, we can trace our journey backwards to see the patterns we have and find the restoration we seek.
  • Kids Play & Parents Stretch
    Wed, May 20
    Entertainment for your kids while you get a bit of movement and breath in. It's a little break and something different. With Certified Atheletic Therapist Kathly Hossack and Yoga, Dance and Playtime Teacher, Joelle Borne, and Crossfit Coach, Kim Driedger
  • Yoga with Stacey
    Mon, May 18
    Movement, breath, awareness
  • Stressed to Kill
    Thu, May 14
    International Activational Speaker Sylvia Marusyk takes us on a journey into all things stress. Understanding, identifying and managing so that long-term damage is not done is key, especially during this global pandemic.
  • The Crush of Anxiety: 3 Part SERIES For Teens
    Wed, May 13
    Sonia Funk, RNT and Crystal Theissen, RYT200, join forces for candid conversation about anxiety at a young age, explain what is happening in your body, why it's not your fault and offer some insight and tools to help. There will be special guest appearances from some of our other team members.
  • Your Money Mindset
    Tue, May 12
    Your relationship with money matters more than the money itself! Join Candice as she helps you redefine money in new, healthy ways. Master money once and for all!
  • Guided Meditation
    Tue, May 12
    Breath and imagery to relax you and allow you to access the theta brainwave state - serotonin gets released in this state, helping you feel better after than you did before :) With Chantelle Neufeld, CHt, of Mindful Regeneration
  • A Distant Happy Hour: for Women
    Fri, May 08
    TGIF for isolated Ladies. Kelly and Sonia pour a glass of wine, do a virtual toast, (you don't have to have wine to come! lol) we dive past the superficial negative self talk we are often dishing out onto ourselves, and go underneath that, into the deeper questions that we are all actually asking.
  • Yoga with Crystal - Friday Mornings
    Fri, May 08
    Slow and steady. A twist on a restorative practice where movements come from a place of intention instead of momentum.
  • The Quarantine 15
    Thu, May 07
    We're all eating our emotions a bit right now. We have a lot of extra time. It's like the 'Freshman 15' ...except it's not university we're in, it's a global crisis. Stress can contribute to weight gain all on its own, never mind the extra comfort calories that are being consumed right now.
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