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Q:  Where did Sonia's nickname, #theavocadolady come from?  

A:   An Endocrinologist...  #truestory 

“When I explained the strategy

Sonia had created for me to my

endocrinologist, she said: ‘

"That Avocado Lady sounds like a smart cookie.”

~P. McNeill

A happy text from a long distance client, A. Bendfeld, in Alberta...


From a happy mom...


Where do I start?! I would have never imagined that one newspaper article, a seminar (attended to check out what The Avocado Lady was about), and one appointment with Sonia would change my life so dramatically!

For 20+ years I had suffered from IBS, anxiety, lack of energy, as well as all over body/fibromyalgia pain. When I saw a local newspaper article explaining Sonia’s approach to health, I decided that since nothing else I had tried previously had been working, I was going to throw caution to the wind and book an appointment. I was a bit of a skeptic…but I was also sick of feeling sick and tired.

At my initial appointment Sonia recommended some simple changes in my diet and some supportive supplements. I was very impressed with her approach in trying to be cost effective, only suggesting the basics of what she felt would be in my best interest. About one week later I remember suddenly thinking to myself, “I feel better…more like myself!” I had some energy, less pain, I didn’t have that intense desire to have a nap midafternoon, and my IBS seemed to be more manageable. I am happy to say that as I continue to work with Sonia I have been feeling better and better.

With such a positive experience, I decided I wanted my teenage daughter to see Sonia as well. My daughter was experiencing low energy, feeling sluggish in the morning and had some hormonal issues. After seeing my own results she willing to give it a try. Sonia and my daughter came up with a plan together – it included no cell phone use after 9pm and not before 8am – not an easy task for a teenager. Sonia encouraged her to read or listen to music to help her fall asleep rather than browsing on her phone until all hours of the night. We were sent home with a couple of supplements and some food recommendations as well…within a week, I started to see a change in my daughter. She was able to bounce out of bed in the morning, she fell asleep more easily, she just seemed so much more rested.

I never thought a newspaper article, a seminar, and one appointment could change my life and the life of my family. I’m so glad to have been able to take advantage of Sonia’s services! Her down to earth manner, wisdom, collaborative approach and her “one step at a time” strategies, have me heading down the road to health that I have been looking for - for years.

T. Fehr

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