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Pinky and The Brain

Updated: Oct 27

Dear everyone that understands and works with any kind of energetic or spiritual anything:

Those of you that work with the law of attraction, those of you that are “as above - so below” people, people that understand “what I resist persists,” and “where attention goes, energy flows.” Those of you that know that our thoughts have frequencies, that our biography becomes our biology, that understand what the placebo effect really is. To everyone trying to heal from trauma and get it out of their body so they don’t resonate with it and re-attract it, to all the people living lives of mindfulness, to all the meditation and transcendental people, the shamans, reiki healers, bodytalk, homeopaths, those that study the Sufis and the mystics of any religion, and on and on and on and on... you know who you are.

We know things, we know a lot of things. I know we do. We consider ourselves to be “awake,” but we seem to have missed something very important.

We know that our thoughts have a frequency that leaves our body and affect things, science can measure that $hit at this point, so good, we’re not crazy. We also know that those thoughts and frequencies initiate the production of chemicals (neurotransmitters) and hormones in our bodies – which can in turn make us feel more things and think more things – for better or for worse.

We know that this is as easy to prove as talking about that feeling that EVERYONE in the whole world can resonate with – which is the feeling of knowing that someone that has just walked into to the room is in a bad mood, BEFORE you have even looked at them.

I really don’t need a big expensive pointless scientific study to prove that to me. I can explain that and unweird it for you in 3 minutes - through body resonance and music theory. Did you know that if you have two guitars in a room, on either side, and you play the E string on one of them, that vibration/frequency of that that note travels across the room and makes the E string on the other guitar vibrate? (it resonates with it) It's like that. Our bodies work like that. Maybe another day I'll dive into this for you. My point is that it isn't weird, it's just vibrations/frequency, everything has a vibration or many vibrations that form together as something more uniform, like when the whole orchestra tunes to one note. That's what I mean when I say this is all just body resonance and music theory.... mostly anyway ;)

So now, to my point. We know all these things and, although we should have known better, because we did actually, we have let all of our great knowing be used against us. I see it as the greatest Pinky and the Brain energetic heist in history.

It’s starting to look like the joke might be on us and it isn't really that funny. We have all done our best with our egos, but we are still human and there is always a hungry ghost somewhere. This is not coming to us all as a scolding, but only as new-old information to help us help the world now. To be very honest, I kinda feel like this was meant to happen this way, to help us stumble upon the greatest and easiest opportunity we will ever have to impact the world we love and are afraid for. We all have a penchant in our DNA for last minute super hero saving, so maybe this is how it was always going to go anyway. Let’s review a few basics of our collective foundation, shall we?

Try to read this like you’ve never seen them before - set an intention to be open to see their full dimensions and understand them in ways you have not understood them before.

What I resist, persists.

Where attention goes, energy flows.

Our thoughts create our reality.

Emotions are more powerful than thoughts

Okay. Got it? ...moving on.

IMO, Covid came to move us all 6 feet apart so that we would get out of each other's energy and stayed in our own. So that we stopped unconscious meddling (resonating) for a while and had to be alone with our own ghosts that keep us attached to our ego – which keeps us from seeing the bigger picture. We needed this time this year so that we could breathe enough to empower us to be more honest about the truths we know - to know them on deeper levels. Being honest about the truths we know is where all of this is going, and please understand that as someone who has suffered greatly because of her commitment to be honest about the truth, I know how this is going to hit you at first.

This is hard to write and it's going to be hard to hear but it must be heard. I do not pretend to have the fullness of all of it here, it’s not the whole picture - but - as with all of my writing, what I do know for sure, is that this is an important piece of it. When I know that what I have been given to say is going to trigger old paradigms and force a different view of them, then I know that I have been given no choice. I have to put it on internet paper. Otherwise I get sick. If I don't say what I know I need to say, it gets trapped inside me and manifests as a symptom. Usually some kind of pain or a sore throat. How accurate this is exactly, I do not know. How many other perspectives are needed to fully balance it, I do not know. What I do know is that this matters, so at the risk of upsetting some people, to some degree or another, and causing traffic jams in your neural pathways, and jamming up what you resonate with, here it is. I'd invite you to bring to your mind some of the 'conspiracy' theories that you have entertained lately, that you have spoken about, that you have said are real. That you have argued for or against on social media. That you have posted about, that you have invested time and energy into researching. Especially in the context of Covid right now – the general theory among many that it is a vehicle created by those with the overall intention of 'taking over the world' with a cashless society, controlling us by destroying the economy, spying on us with 5G, and all the other things I missed. Then, in your mind, move on to some of the older stuff, conspiring corporate entities, vaccinations, big sugar, big tobacco, whatever, go as far back as you want, but do focus on the Covid related ones for this moment please. What have you spoken of and thought over the past 6 months? How much feeling did you put into it? How much time did you put into writing about it. Complaining about it. Posting clever memes about it. How many thoughts and frequencies did you send out? How many neurotransmitters and hormones did your body put resources into manufacturing, which created so many emotions? How much of your intuition energy and magic did you invest in trying to fight it, weaken it, or expose it? And overall, how much have you put into this kind of thought, emotion and work, over the past few decades? Feel the weight and the power of how effort and energy you have invested in this. Then read these things again What I resist, persists.

Where attention goes, energy flows.

Our thoughts create our reality.

Emotions are more powerful than thoughts

Please feel the weight and the force of the effort that has gone into your resistance. The force of the flow of your attention that sent energy to it. Your thoughts and emotions in the last six months (or 4 decades if you want) that created things. Put the weight of all that effort into the statements above. Let the world saving revelation sink in.

Now ask yourselves this:

What if it's actually us?

What if it is our powerful intentions and the energy - that goes into our intentions, our influence we can have with our knowledge, the magical intuition we have that can be a spark that starts a big engine, that has helped all of the potential conspiracy theories evolve into form in one way or another? (where attention goes, energy flows)

Think back to all the protests, all the petitions you’ve seen or signed, the things you've argued on Facebook. (what I resist, persists) Recall all the apocalypse scenes you’ve entertain in your head, if we don’t “do something.” (thoughts create reality)

To the emotion you’ve invested in using fear to convince someone that the government and powerful rich people are trying to control everything. (an emotion is more powerful than a thought)

(if that is true and we know that thoughts create reality, then we must also ask ourselves wtf is an emotion capable of creating?!)

I have always said something since I was kid, and like so many of those things I was just born knowing, (seriously can't help it) they are all making sense now. “The conspiracy is the conspiracy.”

Let that sink for a moment. As in, breathe that in, ask the phrase and words to give you information.

I have always looked at these things and thought this:

“Conspiracy isn’t the problem, theory is.”

It has taken me till now to be able to express what that means to me. Conspiracy is as old as time and as real as all the battles ever fought on this earth - for control. People have been trying to take over the whole world FOREVER. This isn't new. The theories are what is new. A theory, by its very nature and meaning, begs to be proven. It's a vortex for energy. Think about that for a few seconds. The theories are what allows detrimental conspiracies to gain momentum and strength and impact, the theories allow the conspiracy to thrive, hidden in plain sight. And the energy of our thoughts, magnified and exponentially increased in their power, by transmitting them through the prism of a theory, have given those conspiracies super power. Like when dark flash stole the good flashes' speed force.

Does that make sense? If you imagine the theory, a black hole for energy that transform it and increase its power, like that magnifying glass you used to take sunlight and fry the bug.

That is what the theory is. It's dangerous. So I will say it again.

“Conspiracy isn’t the problem, theory is.”

What if Pinky and the Brain know this?

What if they knew that all they had to do was throw the framework of what they wanted out into the world, make it so f---ing clear what their intent was and then throw a few divisive and confusing theories over top - to give us something to chase and send our energy and attention too. What if they knew that if we fought (resisted) it in anyway, if we sent our energy into the magnifying glass, that we would provide more energy than they even needed to make it real.


I kinda love/hate writing this blog, just like I hated/loved writing the last one "Unpleasant thoughts on Covid 2.0." This blog and its content are the biggest energetic, spiritual, new agey, stfu already, head smack emoji that ever existed. I know that. Ugh.

But hey, I’ve got good news - believe it or not.

The great things about this situation is that the solution is painfully obvious - until you get it (then it stops hurting) and the only thing that will get in the way of you understanding or believing that it it really is this simple, is your ego. Your body and your brain want to know this, it really is just the ego that would be able to get in the way.

Here’s the obvious solution:

If stop resisting, if we remove our attention, if we chose thoughts of a world where these things do not rule the world, if we feel emotions of not even having to worry about this shit, it we take the foundation of energy, thought, time and attention away from it, yank the warm cozy blanket we have wrapped all this conspiracy in, it will fall apart and run for cover. If we redirect all of that power into a vision of the world we want, then what we do not want goes away. That's how it works - meaning, that if you are focused on the world you want then you start acting like it's the world you want. You make different decisions. You start to understand that your biggest most powerful vote for the world you want is in your back pocket (bank account.) Every. Single. Dollar. that you send somewhere is a vote for whatever you send it to. Your dollars are your super power.

So the, of course, there is the other part, which Matt Kahn summed up so beautifully this morning... (as I was making the final edits of this I got an email from his people and it was a beautiful confirmation that I was onto something helpful here.) He spoke of the other side and I can't say it any better than him, so here it is.

"One of the greatest misconceptions in the healing of the self or the transformation of the whole is imagining something insidious needs to stop in order for something greater to begin. When you are against something, you are empowering it with the very energy you require in order to set greater justices into motion." Matt Kahn

Get it?

We have all done it in some way or all ways and for a long time. We have all sent our energy into helping the conspiracy along and now it all looks a bit overwhelming and hopeless - which is what they want you to see - because that's a great energy to help Thanos along, no? Haha. (we all know how much I love the Avengers. just deal with it pls. lol)

We all know from all the ‘law of attraction’ teachers out there that the universe doesn’t hear the “I want in “I want a peaceful world” and it doesn’t hear the “I don’t want” in “I don’t want the rich to control the whole world.” It only hears either “peaceful world” or “the rich to control the whole world.”

The smallest and weakest energies of this world (two mice called pinky and the brain) only had to conspire to take over the world, seed us with a few theories and let us take it, put our thoughts and energy to turn into form for them. We did a lot of the work. We are the theory's true strength. It knows that, and it knows that people are waking up, so it has had to put in a little overtime on all the theories the last few years. The days of the curse of Babel are almost over.

Joke is on us, at the moment – but we can change the punch line if we think so.

(I wrote that last sentence, that way, on purpose.)

We have given our power to theory and let it thrive… the good news is that it's a pretty easy reversal. We just stop. We quit. And then it doesn't exist anymore. (and that is sooooo hard for you to wrap your ego around right now, I know, me too - but all it is, is applying the truths of all these statements above, that we have all seen play out over and over again in our lives, and understand that they work everywhere, with everything. including this.) To make an impact now though, we have to actively quit, actively withdraw our support and our generous donations of time and energy. We have to choose - to quit. And then we get to watch it crumble. We need to do this now. We need to stop and we sit back and watch the universal laws and truths, that we’ve always known but never fully understood, do the work.

And. In true Sonia fashion, I have some funny help for you on this.

If you want to shift your thoughts, which shift emotions, which in turn shift thoughts, and shift emotion again (you get what I'm saying.) then you need to look at the 'enemy' out there and see them for what they really are. (And I am going to say "you're welcome" a head of time, because you are never gonna watch the news the same way again.)

Here you go...

All these scary world leaders that are either for a republic or globalization, and all social justice warriors that are actually trying to control everything, are actually, these guys:

And. If they aren't those guys on any given day, then they are these guys:

Can you feel the neutralizing effect of this? - of choosing to look at something that previously scared you, this way? Can you look at this and understand that all we are effectively doing with our resistances is empowering powerless people? That look smart, that look like vultures, but they are actually just bored and haven't felt real love? Not kidding. No one serves ego so fully like these baffoons, as people that are wounded, scared and do not know what love and oneness feels like.

And this is effectively hard. Because if we don’t do the work, if our work is not the thing that gets glorified for fighting the fight and winning the war, if we just stop doing what we are doing, change our thoughts and redirect our energy a bit, our ego has no reward. So that's a tough pill in any dimension.

But that was actually the goal though……wasn’t it? Isn’t that the point of human evolution as we see it? Isn’t that why we have all sought to understand our ego in one way or another so we are not led around by it blindly…?

Perhaps our time really has come, just in a way we weren’t expecting. (because of course.)

I'll leave you with one last thought. My friend and colleague once told me something - about the bully I had in my life for a few years - he said this:

"You know, Sonia, hate is not the opposite of love. Indifference is. You're indifferent. He is not."

With all the love and hate and peace and war, fear and trust that I can muster, at the same time, on the same coin...

Say what you need to say.


"Fools, " said I, "You do not know Silence, like a cancer, grows Hear my words that I might teach you Take my arms that I might reach you" But my words, like silent raindrops fell And echoed in the wells, of silence

And the people bowed and prayed To the neon god they made And the sign flashed out its warning In the words that it was forming And the sign said, "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls And tenement halls" And whispered in the sounds of silence

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