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Unpleasant thoughts on Covid 2.0

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

The sun is setting on the world as we knew it.

As you all know, I was grateful for how the insanity of this virus was handled during the first wave. What else were they going to do? This hasn’t happened in our modern world before, it was going to be $hitshow of everyone doing their best, no one being happy with that best, and there wasn’t much else to do - except to stay home and ride it out and see what happened. Not letting it crush our entire healthcare system, as it clearly was doing in other places, was logical. So we stayed home. Many of us lost work or business, or our whole business, in some cases we lost someone we loved and we couldn't grieve with our loved ones that were still alive. It wasn't fair.

This second wave is different for me, it begs for some really honest questions and some hard perspectives to be integrated into the mess, to help balance it out.

Please understand that I am not putting all this down here as an absolute, there are many arguments and human rights dynamics at play. Maybe it's not even arguments, just a moral compasses that need to be consulted. We are an evolved species with empathy, after all. As a reader of this blog pointed out, rather nicely, we are defined as a society on how we care for the weak and vulnerable. And that is true. However, the side of the story I am about to bring you, ALSO has to enter the discussion. It has to be a part of the equation used to make decisions. Why? Because going forward, we will also be defined, as a civilization no less, by how we preserved our humanity and morality - while still managing to evolve past our fear of death - a fear that has been used against us for the past 100 years. If you have an anti-aging cream or Rogain, your fear of death has been used to sell you things - so please don't kid yourself ;)

We can, of course, be careful and take some precautions and attempt to prevent wildfires, (unnecessary deaths, crushing of healthcare workers,) What we cannot do is forever sacrifice the lives of the living for those that are slowly dying. There has to be a balance. And that kind of balance is fucking hard and it requires you to take a deep look into your fears and into what you really believe about life and death.

If we are going to get really honest about it, all of this chaos that is here in the second wave, in Canada, is fundamentally driven by the fact that as a society we have become afraid of death AND that fact that we have spent 100 freaking years, slowly degrading our health and wellness and happiness. These two things have put us in a place where one virus has brought us to our knees. These are the main reasons that we, here in the second wave, are considering taking our economy down from its knees, where the last 6 months put it, to a prostate position. At this point it can't be about much else. We have battened down the hatches, prepared our hospitals and clinics and first responders, we have changed the way we grocery shop and how we go to school or if we even get to go to school. Our economy has been $hit kicked, many of us out of work for 6 months, with no end in sight. We wear masks, we social distance in stores. Fine. I am good with due diligence in crazy ass times, we need to care about everyone, but what is everyone except for everyone? right? At some point, someone has to say it.

This is enough.

We traded life as we know it to save some deaths and some crushing of our healthcare system for six months. To give us time to figure this out. I think it was the right thing to do, we risked everything to protect the weak in precarious times. At some point the give and take needs to turn around. In the natural flow of life, nature and balance, and in the most pragmatic and impersonal way, it now has to swing the other way to some extent. And it needs to swing that way with awareness of why this is happening.

On death:

We have lost touch with the life/death/life cycle that is as old as time. We have become afraid of death and the feeling of grief, so we have also lost the invaluable ability to grieve. We have lost our purpose in life and so we have to delay death. It really is a heart and soul based problem. We have been fighting against all natural laws for the last 100 years and we are now (rightly) losing. The sick and frail always die first. That’s how we survived as a species for thousands of years, this is called natural selection and survival of the fittest. An old rule of the world that was around before humans were. We have outsmarted it for a while but we can't ever stop it. That natural law existed so that the weaker parts of the species did not reproduce. It’s awful for our conditioned minds to entertain this, but it’s not actually personal. I am actually a prime example, if it wasn’t for a c-section I could have died in child birth. Women who could not produce healthy offspring and survive well and go on to produce more, used to die. That's how it was - so that they didn’t create more off spring that also couldn’t hack it. I know that's terrible to say but it is the truth. I don't like it. You don't have to like it. There isn't anything about this blog to like. But that doesn't make it all less true. and if you want to really get into it, we could talk about the fact that the microbiome that is supposed to be transfer from mother to child in a natural birth, hasn't been transferred in those c-sections... and then we can have a conversation about all the auto-immune conditions out there due to faulty microbiomes. I mean, we could, if you want. (which is why 'seeding' at birth has become a thing and is why they are now literally doing poop transplants to cure chronic auto-immune based diseases like obesity and diabetes. don't look at me, that's current medical research and procedure man. haha. but it works!)

Our pride in so much of our medical progress has been a bit perverted in some ways. We have gotten awfully excited about how we have managed to cut off natural selection in so many ways. We can now surgically remove 50 years of a bad diet from someones arteries and buy them another 10-20 years of life, on medications, that make their life less awesome later. We can replace organs that are about to die, that want to die, because they don't know how to live, with someone else's organs - but - at the same time, we sentence the recipient to a life of risk and low energy and an immune system that is not allowed to function. (and don't get me wrong, I really love this, because I get to keep certain people I love in my life because of this.) We can inject insulin into a body that forgot how to metabolize sugar because there was just too much sugar all the time and it ran out of resources and now can't find anymore - but - we subject that same body to all kinds of other risks as it continues to live: eye problems, circulation problems, endocrine and kidney problems. Antibiotics were the best thing ever until we realized that we were seriously over using them and they were also killing our microbiome. We need our microbiome, by the way, for things like our immune system function and for mood regulation via the gut-brain axis. In other words, we need it fighting off disease - and for mental health no less.

We sent natural selection and survival of the fittest on a medically guided detour, and now they have come to call. Even worse, it’s going to be a bit of a catch up game now. Which really sucks. It sucks because you and I love the people at risk now.

I understand how cold that might still feel. But it’s a hard fact and it needs to be brought into this mess to balance the measures being taken right now for the second wave of Covid. Most of us are still going to get it, it's just a matter of when, not if. Most of us will be asymptomatic and not even know we had it. No matter how far we come along in “science,” the universal forces aren’t gonna change just 'cause we understand them better. I mean really, if you think about that for a second, that is kinda the foundation of the ego that can come up in science, right? That if we understand it better, we can manipulate it. I could lose my dad and some good friends to this virus, I am not immune to the potential pain. At the same time, I am not going to take natural selection and survival of the fittest, personally, either. Why? Because taking it personally is how you destroy economies and people’s lives.

What really sucks for me is watching this all go down knowing that because we can't face death, we can't talk about life either. Why are we not talking about how eating real food and some stress management can bring a ton of power and energy back to your immune system? Where is the simple statement from public health, saying that eating lots of vegetables and easy to digest proteins, is a big boost for your immune system? Why are they not making basic scientifically sound statements that remind everyone that sugar depletes your immune system, and so if you eat less sugar and more vegetables, your chances of fighting off the virus or any illness, without much fanfare, are higher? Where is that conversation???????!!!!!!!

The hard part is that, collectively, we all have to realize that we are sacrificing absolutely EVERYTHING ELSE THAT WE LOVE, so that we don't have to face death. AND so that we don't have to do the work to make our own life better - and healthier. It's how the marketers turned us into mindless consumers in the seventies and eighties and it's how the government and powers that be are going to turn us into mindless losers of everything else that we hold dear. And, TO BE CLEAR, I don't buy into conspiracy theories, they are disempowering. I'm not making on a comment on which of them may or may not be true, I ignore them because I have been given a different job. Here is what I DO know about this mess and the world of those "in charge" ...what I know is that all those people that are making decisions in government and other agencies and corporations, are just as scared of sickness and death as you are. The fear of death and the fear of loss of control is a powerful motivator. How's that for the be all and end all conspiracy?

Still love you all you anyway. Maybe more than before.


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