Our job is to help you find the right health strategy for you.


At The Whole Avocado we do this by working together, sharing insight and knowledge with each other, and with your other healthcare providers, so that you get the best strategy for your health needs and most applicable resources for your situation.


With Sonia Funk, RNT

At The Whole Avocado, Nutrition Consultations provide clients with a tailored strategy, resources and the support they need to get their health back. Your life and your story are unlike anyone else's. Your needs, discomforts, dis-ease, your metabolism and your body are unique to you. Your story needs to be told so that Sonia can understand your discomforts, stressors, lifestyle, strengths, weaknesses and whatever ill-health you may have. She uses this information to create a strategy or a 'map' back to balance and health for you. When something is out of her scope, Sonia has many colleagues that she can bring in to help in areas where she cannot - and she works collaboratively with your medical doctor when needed.

Listen to Sonia talk about her one on one work:

The "Initial Consultation and Assessment" with Sonia involves 3 consultations and support over a two month period. The full fee is $375, usually spilt up as follows:

1st Appointment $150

2nd Appointment $125

3rd Appointment $100

Follow ups $80

*all prices subject to GST

One-off appointments, for those looking for some direction but not in need of nutritional therapy, are available. They are about an hour and are also $150


With Dr. Andrew Bryk, ND

 With an emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion Dr. Bryk N.D. works with his patients to help them become an active participant in the management of their own health. He uses an eclectic approach to health incorporating acupuncture, nutrition, counselling, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy to best match the treatment to the patients needs.


Dr. Bryk N.D. has a special interest in digestive issues and pain management and is trained to treat a wide variety of medical conditions.

Initial Appointment $200

30 min follow up $90

60 min follow up $175