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Sun, Jun 07



A Woman's Timeline - Part 2 & 3

(PART 1 is a pre-requisit for this weekend) Our personal stories are like footprints on a path sprinkled with breadcrumbs of moments, events and decisions. When we know what we are looking for, we can trace our journey backwards to see the patterns we have and find the restoration we seek.

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A Woman's Timeline - Part 2 & 3
A Woman's Timeline - Part 2 & 3

Time & Location

Jun 07, 2020, 10:00 a.m. – Jun 08, 2020, 4:00 p.m.



About the event

Workshop 2: Body and Soul 

Using all that we discovered in “My Timeline” we move into a better understanding of the female body, our cycles and hormones, movement and what rest really looks like. We look at the root motivations for every decision we make so we can understand what comes from love, and what comes from fear. That’s the morning. In the afternoon we distill it down, creating a new foundation from which to make decisions. 

Physical imbalances brought into this context are:

*PMS and hormonal issues

*tummy aches, headaches and liver function

*all the unexplained physical symptoms that are ‘in your head’

Brooke Nelson makes a guest appearance in this workshop. Brooke and I met over wellness discussions and became instant friends. She has helped me get my body and strength back - she has the most amazing integration and fusion of all she knows from yoga, crossfit and other trainings. Brooke will share a bit of her journey to balance her own cycle and hormones and help us out with some mindful movement to reconnect us to our bodies and our breath.

Note: you can still join this workshop and get a lot of benefit out of it even if you have not attended the first one

Coming up later this year...

Workshop 3: Boundaries and Spirit

Saying “no” when you need to is the dream for so many women. Self-care has become trendy. Unfortunately eating chocolate cake and having three glasses of wine is not actually self-care, it’s survival mode. 

In this workshop we look at what the word ‘No’ actually means. We take a very real look at the physiological cost to your health when you say “Yes” in a situation where you should be saying “No.” We look at the early moments on your timeline when you were not allowed to say “No” and how that has translated into the way you function now, as an adult.

Physical and emotional imbalances addressed in this workshop are 

*a low functioning immune system

*slow metabolism and low sex drive

*poor nutrient assimilation, adrenal fatigue 

*throat issues


Kelly Vipond will be making a guest appearance in this workshop. Her and I met at the yoga retreat that you'll get a look at if you tap on her name above - at that retreat we realized that our workshops completed each other, so we started collaborating. Kelly will be helping me demonstrate and explain all things stress – particularly the kind of unconscious stress our bodies endure when we try to fit into a mold that was not made for us, or try to adhere to a mind-set that does not suit our true-self.

Note: you can still join this workshop and get a lot of benefit out of it even if you have not attended the other ones, it’s just a little more ideal if you can, as the other two create some context. However, if your gut tells you that you need to come to just this one, then come, you will still get what you need.


  • A Women's Timeline FULL Series

    All three workshops ($100 each) for an early bird discounted fee. ($50 discount) $250 + GST

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