Manitoba Community Wellness Strategy

Community Wellness Strategy

Employee Wellness in Crisis Platform

The Whole Avocado Quaranteam 2020


Hi all, here is the ever evolving strategy we are working on...

Our main objectives are:

1. To help combat the short-term effects of isolation and distancing by creating a sense of community and belonging and the ability to easily access specific support

We will do this by

  1. Scheduling continuous online classes, seminars, and events

  2. Assessing needs by observing questions asked and statements made during these sessions and then adjusting future topics and contents accordingly

2. To help flatten the post-crisis curve of collective post-traumatic stress

We can do this by

  1. Implementing the short-term strategy above, which will help the mitigate general anxiety and the short term effect of stress in our homes and families.

  2. Use the feedback and observations to get a big picture of view of what is going on in the general population and start working on a framework for a post-pandemic strategy


3. Use the unfortunate circumstances we are in as an opportunity to spread current health and wellness information on self-care, mental health and general nutrition in a way that can have a positive impact in people’s lives even 5 years from now.

We can do this by

  1. Ensuring credible professionals without agendas, present sound and basic information. For example: many people still don’t know that sugar is the dietary culprit in high cholesterol, not fats. This needs to be corrected in a large mainstream way to take hold in our collective beliefs about health, it is the only way to positively impact that health condition in this country.


4. Turn this newly formed team into an Employee Wellness Collective to continue the work in companies that suffer from the loses and the second wave of Post Traumatic Stress in an economical, wise and efficient way.

We will do this by

  1. designing similar online programming that will support recovery emotionally, mentally and physically – for the employees at work and also in their homes, for their families.

  2. Creating a cost-sharing model so that all companies, no matter the size, have access to effective wellness for their employees. *more on this upon request


  1. lower the rate of post-crisis stress leave and sick leave

  2. lower the rates of increases in prescription-based interventions for mental health, digestive health and exacerbated illnesses such as diabetes and blood pressure





This isn't just about mental health, our mental health has a direct impact on our physical health and vice versa. When the collective stress response comes down post-crisis, the adrenaline and cortisol run out. The adrenals are tired, the HPA axis is exhausted, and that's when the digestive issues surface, when anxiety and depression become harder to handle. Things ‘fall apart’ once the panic is over and the stress response comes down. The inflammation being created in our bodies by fear and stress right now will turn into digestive system breakdown, which in turn leads to all kinds of health issues either now or in a year or two.


The last phase of the strategy will be implementing a large amount of teaching and support and awareness around of immune systems and digestive systems (they work very closely together.) There are still going to be Covid-19 infections once the curve has been flattened and there will still be ramifications off all of the stress. Collectively, these body systems will need the most support as they influence our physical and mental states profoundly. This phase will be structured once we see how the rest of it goes.